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Botswana Backyard Ultra Marathon

August 10th, 2024 / 06am  Kenmoir Farm Ruretse

Come and test your endurance and stamina in this unique race format. You’ll be running on beautiful trails in Kenmoir Farm near Ruretse.

The entry is P100 and this includes food and sports drinks.

The winner of the Botswana Backyard Ultra will win a free entry to this years Salt Pans Ultra Marathon. 

We encourage you to bring a support gang of friends and family to help second your race. Let them feed you, provide you a chair between laps, rub your feet and shout encouragement!

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience! We hope to see you there!

“We run in the backyard ultra for many different reasons. We run because it is fun. We run to socialize with our friends (old and new). We run to go further than we have ever gone before….”

The Backyard Ultra is a race format where runners consecutively run 6,706 metres/6.7kms ( AKA “a yard”) in less than one hour, every hour, until there is only one person who completes a yard in time.

The date is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Get registered, get training, and get out there!

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A Backyard Ultra Explained

The concept is simple. Run 6.7 km every hour, on the hour. The aim is to complete as many yard as you can!

Each yard starts on the hour and must be completed in less than 60 minutes. When each yard is completed, the remaining time within the hour is typically used to recover for the next yard.

Everyone completes hourly yards until there is only one runner still going. They are the event winner! Assuming they finish the last yard in 60 minutes.

Is it only for experienced runners?

No. Running the BYU is about challenging yourself, having fun and having a go. It’s a social event so bring a support team to cheer, feed and push you on to finish one more yard.

The Botswana record is 67 kilometres or 10 hours .

The current World record is 724 kilometres or 108 hours and is held by Harvey Lewis III.

Harvey will be in Botswana to run this year’s Salt Pans Ultra. You can join Harvey for a social run on Sunday 22nd September at Kenmoir Farm.

Backyard Ultra

Individual World Championships 2024

We are an official partner and qualifier race for the Backyard Ultra Team World Championships in 2025.  More details can be found here:


The rules of a backyard ultra are applied consistently in all races around the world. These rules are very simple, and have been set to ensure that all runners that may qualify for championships have qualified in similar circumstances.

These rules are non-negotiable, and not even the Race Director can over-rule them.