Weekly Results for the Kenmoir Farm Run 2021

Race Results

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Leaderboard / Overall Results 2021

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How we do the ranking


‘Qualified’ indicates you have met the minimum requirements that day towards your 5 runs required for a medal. However, it may mean you have not done enough to qualify for points or you are out of the top 20 runners that day. It could also mean you ran out of bounds while we had to apply the official lockdown rules.


The top 20 qualifying runners earn points for the runs each day. There are 20 points for the best runner of each day down to 1 point for the 20th best runner of the day. The cumulative top 3 runners at the end of the week will get winners medals and prizes. 

Please bare with us when reviewing the results. the ranking and points may change as we deal with the technical challenges of verifying runs, STRAVA constraints, proof of payment etc. 

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