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From 2nd January 2021 anyone attending our runs will be required to be a paid up member. There are unavoidable costs to hosting these events including route markers, signs, CV-19 supplies, the timing system, at least 5 hours of our time every week, access to the farm and so on.  We have kept the costs as low as we can and will try to add value to your membership. We plan to host additional events, sell merchandise, provide bibs and so on. If you have anything you would like to see please let us know.

2021 The Trail.Run Annual Membership Fees:

Individual (16 years +) – P400

Family (per member) – P350 each for two members, P300 each for 3 or more members

Front line workers (BDF, Police, Fire Brigade, Medical staff and teachers) – P300

Students – P200

Under 16 – Free

Please speak to us if the membership is too expensive for your individual circumstance and we are happy to look at a fee that works for you.

Membership Form

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EFT (bank transfer) payment:

Please make an EFT payment to:

Reference: Your name (please provide your full name)

Bank: Stanbic Bank

Account Name: Outdoor Adventures BW (Proprietary) Limited

Account: 9060003710950

Branch: CBD

STanbic atm deposit

How to do a deposite payment:

  1. Go to any Cash Accepting Stanbic Bank ATM throughout Botswana
  2. Click on “Cash deposit” on the screen
  3. Follow the screen prompts
  4. Enter account number 9060003710950 for Outdoor Adventures BW Pty Ltd
  5. On the reference page enter your Name (Name and Surname)
  6. Deposit your cash