Kenmoir Farm Run

The standard route is marked and 5.5kms long and there is an option to run around the enclosure twice which gives you an 8.5kms run, also marked. We have also mapped out a 12.5kms and 21.7kms run for those looking to run even further.  Neither of the two longest runs are marked yet, but you can the  GPX files here.  

All runners need to register online before each event. Registration is simple and quick.

You will be assigned a bib number that you will be told on run day. Remember this as you will need this at the finish to record your time.

All results will be posted online after each event.

The route is marked and is a trail run on a farm near Gaborone (access from sewage ponds road to Phakalane).  The location can be accessed through Plot 99 on the Southern side of Ruretse under the large pylons running across the road just over the Notwane river.  

Please only attend the run if you are fit to attend and can complete the distance without assistance.  

The system will not allow more than  50 runners to register.  National CV-19 protocols apply so we will personally register you and take your temperatures when you arrive.  Registration closes the Friday before the Saturday run.

We will open the gates at 0620hrs and close the start at 0800hrs so you can start your run anytime between 6.30am and 8.00am.

If you want to run the 21kms you have to start latest at 7.00am.


The following rules apply to reduce the risk of CV-19 transmission:

Registration of runners upon arrival which includes taking and recording temperatures.

All attendees will be required to wear face masks or their equivalent when in the start/finish area

Social distancing of 2m must be observed at all times when not running.  This distance increases when running.

When running you must maintain at least 10m between yourself and the runner in front of you.  All runners must keep left unless overtaking.  Do not return to running on the left when overtaking until you are 10m ahead of the runner you overtake.  The overtaking runner bares the responsibility to maintain the 10m distance when running in front of another runner.

All runners will need to provide their own hydration and nutrition.

A water wash station and sanitation spray will be available and required to be used upon arrival.

There will not be a mass start. Runners will be released individually as they arrive and are ready to start the run.

Anyone showing CV-19 symptoms, who has been contact traced, is living with someone who has been contact traced or has been in contact recently with someone who has been contacted traced should not attend.


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